n-gage games on s60v2

N-gage QD set the world on fire when it was launched. A full gaming deck with lots of awesome games to go with it!! It had a tweaked s60v2 OS- no themes, no extra support, nothing heavy. It was light as hell, meant only for gaming. But what bothers me was that even newer and faster phones(like N72) cannot directly support n-gage games. Over my next few posts, I’ll tell you how to run N-gage games on them on general symbian based cellphones.

Note that we are playing with system files here, so follow the instructions closely in order to avoid corrupting other applications.

Ill start with my favourite game.

Rayman 3



Follow the steps carefully :

  1. Install a good explorer software ( like Xplore, FExplorer or ActiveFile 3D). Set the settings so that all hidden and system files are visible.
  2. Go to E:/system/apps/ and copy the whole folder of the game ( except the lib files over here). Your directory should now look like E:/system/apps/RAYMAN3.
  3. copy all dll files into E:/system/libs. If any file of that name already exists, then DO NOT OVERWRITE. Instead, copy them to the apps/RAYMAN3 folder. Do not copy GAMECOMMS.dll to /libs. Copy it directly to /RAYMAN3. You might end up spoiling your phone.
  4. Close any running application except your explorer and run the file RAYMAN3.app in apps/RAYMAN3/ folder
  5. Enjoy your game.

NOTE : You can’t play this game in multiplayer mode on any other phone except QD. The phone might hang….

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