Create Help Files, Quick and Easy

One important aspect of developing an application is providing comprehensive guide and help to let people explore the full possibilities of the software. Most applications generally use chm help files which are fast and really small in size compared to other formats. HelpSmith is an excellent tool which helps us to create chm help files in an easy and specially designed IDE, specific to the task.

HelpSmith has an interface pretty similar to the Microsoft Visual Studio, and has an excellent integration with Microsoft Html Help.

Some special reasons for you to use the software are :

  1. Creation of chm, html and pdf documents from the project is possible.
  2. The text-area is a Unicode text field with support for user templates.
  3. The IDE has an inbuilt support for styling documents.
  4. The IDE has support for including advanced videos and images.

With all these features, the software is a masterpiece of work. You can also try out the software before buying it. There is a 30-days trial period.

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