Firefox 3.6 A Peek At New Features

Firefox is by far, the most popular web browser ever. With an Open initiative, innumerable add-ons and developer forums ready to help in live, it has a lot to boast about. Many new upcoming developments in the browser came into light with the Alpha release of Firefox 3.6.


  • To start with Firefox has improved the JavaSript rendering in Firefox 3.6.  Andreas Gal, the developer of the TraceMonkey JavaScript rendering engine, which came out in Firefox 3.5 has claimed that there are new improvements in TraceMonkey, which makes the new it upto 15% faster, and this is just an alpha! So by the time the RC comes out, we will be in for a much faster Firefox.
  • Firefox has also improved many of it’s CSS features. Besides, it has also included the all new CSS gradient feature. With this new feature, the background can be given a multi-color gradient in a few easy steps. This new feature makes use of an html5 property. Otherwise, the gradient feature was implemented in WebKit an year ago.
  • The new release is also said to have improved focusing and scrolling performance. Rumors are that multiprocessing of tabs is also being tested to be included in the nearest release possible.
  • More new features include tab previews when you switch tabs with ctrl+tab, and improved startup time.

With all these teasers queued up and Firefox downloads crossing a billion, we can expect a lot out of this free Open Source Software.

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