Google Sets – New At Google Labs

Google, has come up with a new application at Google Labs. This new one is called Google Sets.

With this new application, you can enter some keywords and the application will suggest you more keywords. The number of keywords on display can be chosen, defaulting from 15.

Google Sets

Google Sets

I tried a set with some keywords from my blog and my blog name and it simply gave the other keywords from my blog in the result set. So, basically, it checks for related keywords and displays links to search result pages from those keywords.

But, the I also tried a search with some popular websites from the same niche. This time though, it returned more websites from the same niche.

So, it returns not only related keywords, but also related content. This combined with Google squared can be a a powerful research tool. I will surely use it to find similar stuff until something new comes out of this application which is still being developed.

Visit Google Sets at : Google Sets Homepage

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