Wave – The New Tech Trend at Google, Microsoft and Adobe

The way we use the Internet and out desktop has changed drastically over the last one year, and suddenly every web and software company is coming out with a wave of it’s own.

Wave- Google, Microsoft and Adobe

Wave- Google, Microsoft and Adobe

Here is a short surf on the three waves I know of :

Google Wave

Google is one company which always comes up with ideas which stand out and are the need of the moment. A few days back, my roommate Pallab showed me the much hyped about Google Wave video. The video clearly marks the upcoming trends in web technology. For those in the dark, Google has an application in store, for live collaborative editing, sharing, authoring and editing of data and they are calling it the Wave. And the best thing is that it was based on html5, JavaScript and css – all open source scripting. That gives us an insight of the amount of power web-developers have with the new html standard. Invites are currently open, and you can sign-up for a free invite assuring you will be informed timely around the product launch.

Microsoft Wave

Yes. That is true. Microsoft has got a wave of it’s own too. But this one is different from Google Wave. This is just another typical Microsoft attempt to promote their products, but this time they did it in style and with a lot of professionalism. For one thing, the website looks quite well done. Although the objective of the website is not clear, it seems they tried to say a lot of things without revealing much! One thing is for sure, is that it is a direct copy of Google labs, where Microsoft will talk about it’s latest products to be launched and also the ones in development.

Adobe Wave

Adobe Wave is another wave feature from Adobe featuring the SaaS (Software as a Service) ideology of Cloud Computing. It creates feed style updates for a group of users. So you can place an adobe wave connect button on your website just like an RSS feed link or a twitter follow badge. The information being sent on wave is reliably delivered to the receiver even if it is not stored in any of the user accounts. Adobe wave addresses the problems of managing communities of users effectively. It will also save spamming and phising attacks. All you need is adobe wave publisher account and you are ready to go.

So finally, with so many waves around, are you surfing enough?

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