Recession : The Americans think Differently

Recession has taken a heavy toll all over the world, but somehow our country and it’s leaders are pretty sure of a full proof recovery and they make sure to remind us at every interview that things are getting better.

The Americans think Differently

Well, things have really started getting better, but  there is a wide lack of communication in this regard. The news of recession hit the media like a lightening in the night, waking them all up, making every household in every village of India aware of at least what recession is. That did enough to exaggerate the ever present fear, our villages have in anything to do with computers.

India is a place where people are far too afraid to go out of the line and think out of the box. For those who know the scope and the possibilities can achieve a lot being a part of the IT industry,  can exploit it to their fullest advantage. But for the greater part of the general Indian public, the IT industry is still seen as confined to those counted five IT companies who recruit freshers in huge numbers.

That negligence is the precise reason why parents in India are discouraging their children from selecting Computer Science as a career option. Instead, they are making their children opt for core branches. That sure is funny because the Americans think otherwise.

The enrollment in Computer Science in American Universities has seen the first rise of it’s kind since 2002 which is rated at around 6.6%. According to US students, computing is a prospective area in this slowdown of economic growth. Not only this, Computer Science has seen the highest rise in enrollment amongst all other mainstream courses offered across US Universities. The data has been aggregated by a non-profit organization named  Computer Research Organization.

The Department of Labor in the  US has predicted that the IT industry will be the fastest to recover from the crisis, and the demand for application programmers will double next year, with the number of IT staffs increasing by a third. So, Indian parents, stop panicking, become more aware, follow the US market and stop watching cheap Hindi news channels.