AnalogX dll Archiver : Remove Unused dlls

Frequent install and uninstalls of softwares with poor uninstallers creates a huge dll dump on the system. Totally unsure of which ones are actually important, we are left clueless as to which files are actually in use by the softwares installed in the system right now.


AnalogX Dll Archiver comes to your rescue. It lets you take the backseat and do just that for your whole PC. With AnalogX Dll Archiver, you can scan and remove all unused dll files on your computer and tune up your system to a huge extent. Now, as the name suggests, when you perform a cleanup for your system, your dll files are not actually deleted but simply archived by the software. This means that you can safely replace them back if you feel that the dll is important.

The search for unused dlls is extremely fast and sized at simply 345 KB, this software is totally free and a must have applications.

Download AnalogX dll Archiver here : AnalogX dll Archiver Download

Compatibility : Compatible with all versions of windows, including Windows7.

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