Convert userscripts to Addons with User Script Compiler

Firefox, besides having support for an amazing number of addons also has support for on page javaScript editing with User Script. User Script gives a complete makeover to web browsing and is one of the most popular Firefox features, else than it’s addons.

Userscript Compiler

Userscript Compiler

User Scripts are so cool, you might become completely addicted to them. But this addiction pays when you are away from your PC and access the Internet from somewhere else.

But here is a way out, so instead of looking up and remembering all your Greasemonkey Userscripts, you can simply carry them around with you as ready to install Firefox extensions.

To convert an user Script into a Firefox extension, go to the Userscript Compiler Page.

Now,  enter the javaScript code for the User Script in the field marked as User Script. Enter the other fields marked as Creator Name, Extension Homepage, Version etc..

Hit the Compile button and download the compiled addon generated from the application. Now you can share it with others and carry it with you wherever you go.

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