Hi.im : Your Social Profiles on One Page

Everyone has a social profile nowadays. Some are on LinkedIn, some on FriendFeed, some use Flickr and almost everyone is on Facebook and Twitter. Now, with all these social pages of your own, what you really need is a page which aggregates all you social profiles at one place and puts them just one mouse click away.


Born at a brainstorming session of an application development event, it has the complete potential of going to the next level. Some of the reasons why hi.im can be the next big thing:

The domain, it is extremely catchy, easy to remember, small and completely relevant to the context.

  1. The landing page is extremely well designed, and attractive.
  2. Your homepage shows your picture, with links to your blogs and websites.
  3. Besides that, you can connect your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Digg, Youtube, Flickr, FriendFeed and other accounts to your hi.im page.
  4. Your homepage also shows updates from these accounts, you visitors also get an overview of what you are doing at all of your networks, on one single page.

This web application is a must check out for all social network junkies.

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