Change Gameboot in a Sony PSP

PSP is one of the most popular gaming consoles and a Sony flagship product. The portability factor and the low cost adds to the ergonomics. PSP is also famous for its hacks. This is a simple tutorial to change the gameboot in a PSP.

This step-by-step tutorial will guide you through the process of changing the splash.


  1. First download gameboot.pmf from any PSP site.
  2. Now switch off your PSP completely.
  3. After that when you switch it back on, press right(R) button. ( after switching it on and before “Sony Entertainment” tag appears)
  4. Thereby we move to Recovery Mode.
  5. After that goto advance config. There you will find a flash o option.
  6. Click on it but make sure that the PSP is connected to the PC.
  7. After that you will see that your PSP connected to USB has been recognized by your PC.
  8. Open it. Now, goto the VSH folder and paste your gameboot.pmf file. (replace the old ones or better still, make a backup of it.)
  9. Enjoy


Do not do anything wrong while working with flash 0. It might brick your PSP. Please do not delete any other file from that directory. Your PSP must be fully charged while doing this. You do not want another one of those aw snap moments.

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