iReboot: Select Next OS to Boot Into, Right from Windows and Before Reboot

Have you ever had to stay near your computer through that slow reboot round trip to boot into another OS at startup?

iReboot from NeoSmart might just be the software you need. What iReboot does is simple. Even before you reboot your computer, you can select the Operating system to boot into the next time your computer restarts.

Select a an operating system to boot into on next reboot, from the list shown in your system tray area. Let it reboot and take a stroll as the computer will make the selection from the boot menu and boot into the Operating System you had selected earlier.

This service can come in handy to boot into another windows installation as well as into another Linux installation like Ubuntu. Clearly, it has support for many different types of boot-loaders including GRUB and the windows bootloader.

Final Thoughts

iReboot is a good service and allows us to boot into another OS for the next time. This is as simple and as handy as it can get. If you are one of those people who love to try out different Operating Systems, you should get iReboot and start using it today.

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