Google`s Goggle Gets an Update With Text Translations

Google had introduced a new Goggle application a few days back, which uses pictures to search the web. At the Mobile World Congress (MWC) at Barcelona, Google had also shown the demos of its translating feature, which could recognize only German. Now, Google has officially released the much-awaited translation feature that recognizes text in Latin languages like English, French, Italian, German and Spanish.


Google is also concentrating this translating feature on non-Latin languages like Hindi and Arabic. The dual combination of picture-search and translation should do a world of good for its users. Moreover, it also comes with an improved user interface to provide flexibility while performing visual searches.

Besides translation, the newer version of Google also features improved a barcode recognition, recognition of a lot more products, logos and artworks.

Goggles can be a very useful application especially for the travellers who face problem in understanding local language. To carry out with the translation, point your Android powered handset on the text and draw a box to indicate the area to translate. Then, press the shutter button. If Google app is able to recognise the text then a translation options pop up. Thereafter, just press the translation button and enter the source and destination languages.

However to install Goggles, firstly you need to have an Android based phone and secondly it must not be oldest version of Android OS. Goggles can be installed only if your handset is supported by Android 1.6+ versions.

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