GPRS Activation of Docomo, Airtel, Aircel, MTS and Vodafone on Any Phone

GPRS in India is really catching up fast and there are many different plans from all service providers nowadays. Airtel recently announced the new offer of 2 GB for Rs.98 in the eastern circle. This is a vast improvement against the earlier Rs.498 for 2.5 GB.

Now, setting up GPRS on a phone can be quite a hard job. Different providers have different methods for the same. Here is a quick roundup of setting up and activating GPRS on Docomo, Airtel, Aircel, MTS and Vodafone. All the methods are for prepaid users.


To activate GPRS, SMS GPRS to 121.

Now, to use GPRS, get a GPRS pack from a retail shop. The basic pack is of Rs.5 and provides free GPRS till midnight on the day of activation.


To enable GPRS on Airtel, SMS FUN to 54321. This enables Airtel Live on your phone. You will receive the settings for your phone automatically on sending this SMS.


Send an SMS like GPRS BP <1st three letters of handset name><Model No.> to 57788. So, for a Nokia N95, you will need to send GPRS BP NOK N95.


To activate GPRS on MTS, dial *109*21# and pres the call button. This will activate GPRS.Now, you need to get an Internet package which amounts from Rs.100 to Rs.1000.


To enable GPRS on a Vodafone connection, SMS ACT VL to 111. This activation is totally toll free.

These are the methods to enable GPRS on your connection. The settings on your handset will be different from other handsets. Accept all messages and save all settings received in the process.

There is no internet package which is unlimited for GSM users. Currently, only Airtel offers the largest 2 GB for a reasonable Rs.100 for a month in my region. It is highly recommended.

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