Motorola to Launch iSIM in India, Supports Four Phone Numbers

The demand for dual SIM phone has increased over the last couple of years. In recent times, we have seen many mobile vendors like Micromax, Intex and Maxx Mobiles making such handsets which support multiple SIM cards.

motorolla-isimMotorola is not far behind in this rat-race. Rather than concentrating on dual SIM phones, it is planning to introduce a multi-number based SIM called iSIM (intelligent SIM) in India. This SIM service will allow users to handle four numbers in a single SIM at a single time.

Motorola has already deployed the iSIM platform in Europe, Middle East, Africa with great success. Though now, Motorola is in talks with Indian cellphone operators for expansion into the Indian market.

A SIM card generally has a unique 15-digit International mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI) but Motorola iSIM will come with four such IMSI numbers. Thus, it will allow users to switch between different phone numbers provisioned to different networks, essentially being on a common service provider without changing their SIM.
So, if you took an Airtel iSIM, you could also own a Vodafone, an Aircel and an Airtel telephone number.

Seeing the success of Dual SIM devices, Motorola`s iSIM should do exceptionally well in India. It will be interesting to see the outcome when the iSIM actually launches in India. The actual date of the launch has not been confirmed yet but we are surely expecting the iSIM before the end of 2011.

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