Kudoso an ideal router for children

Kudoso is a wireless router and software bundle that lets you manage the Internet access of those in your household. Parents can add tasks and chores for the kids via its web interface. Points are awarded every time a task is completed, and these points can then be converted into Internet time.

WirelessThe gamification is very fashionable, this word means applying game mechanics to all types of activities and tasks that can be boring to motivate people with them. Kudoso, the protagonist of this post is a router that applies this concept and brings it into the realm of web browsing.

Kudoso is a router with a special software, based on gamification. The idea is that the little kids can not browse the internet on the entertainment pages unless you have done things necessary and positive above, and do homework, go play in the street, brushing teeth, or use pages academic useful web content. In addition, pages can be put on the blacklist so that children can not visit, but it is essential that said, the gamification to encourage good habits.

As you imaginary, to capitalize the curious and original Kudoso router, the parents of the children were involved, since they are the ones using the software may indicate tasks to perform and give a certain score. For example, if you give homework thirty points, means that children can enjoy thirty minutes of browsing.

The concept of Kudoso router seems great, and the gamification will probably work better with positive reinforcement reward the fact that threaten children with “no internet if you do not do so.” For now, Kudoso is seeking funding through Kickstarter page, and also as a router itself, trying to reach agreements integration of management software in routers Kudoso other famous and established companies. From here, we can not but wish them luck with this innovative project that promises much.

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