DeLorean, Microsoft project to reduce the lag in the ‘cloud gaming’

Microsoft has published an interesting document from Microsoft Research subsidiary, typically related research projects. Your name, DeLorean, has little to do with the famous movie franchise , although there is a part of future study.

GamingDeLorean seeks advances in the field of latency cloud gaming, the game in ‘the cloud’ based on run the vast majority of the code in an external server and typically with a high ping that often impedes a proper experience. In the fourteen-page document study how speculative execution enables them to improve latency, improving to 250 milliseconds response time between client and server.

Speculative execution can be understood quite easily, although its implementation is somewhat complex. It consists of the following frames predict that the game will run to generate living form even before the situation is. For example, in a game type fps the number of movements of the player is finite and small, usually four, and can be represented by what is called cubic map, which can be generated on the server and stored on the client to use if necessary.

Microsoft has tested DeLorean in real environments with Doom 3 and Fable 3, with satisfactory results. The same document also points to the need for increased bandwidth needed for more images four times – in the case of the cubic map – also affecting a growing number of projects around the cloud gaming classic like OnLive or the latest Now Sony PlayStation.

Does it imply that the cloud gaming DeLorean will soon become one of the services of Microsoft? Hardly. This, like many other scientific papers from different fields, is progress from the theoretical point of view and university (in this case, from the University of Michigan). For now there is nothing to indicate that Microsoft is going to get into the game world cloud the short term, although it is certainly one of those areas to keep in mind for the future.

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