Etiquette hi-tech share with balance the benefits of technology

The casual use of technology can lead to embarrassing situations, which you may not realize, for the naturalness of the method.

In this era of strong connotations of technology, sometimes we lose sight of the bon ton, considering legitimate behaviors that are not inherently correct as we might think. The hi-tech etiquette requires the utmost attention towards others, because progress does not justify all the freedom, especially in the social sphere, where the mania for sharing today is rampant.

GadgetWhen you take a picture or a video, we turn to our smartphone or tablet , we tend to see them in a large number of people, but you have to understand if the situation illustrated answers to the pleasure of the other subjects in the shot or captured in the movie. The ideal would be to ask for their consent to the publication; Alternatively, we can groped to transform us into the psychological, to try to assess the impact that our behavior can have on the sensibilities of others.

The same is true when tagging something, always taken by the desire of ecumenism. In such cases, we can generate an embarrassment. Imagine you introduce things that clash on the Facebook wall or annoy others, in the absence of appropriate adjustments to the privacy of the recipient of our impulsive behavior.

I’ve seen shots that hail the Porsche boards Presidents of thoroughbred Ferrari club, with sincere embarrassment of the latter. Probably the same is true in the opposite direction, generating impatience corporatist most hardened, for the great rivalry between the two marks. I guess the challenge represented in football by tags inappropriate.

And ‘bad, then smudge the board of our friends with photos and video, especially if they are far from the style and interests of these people, who perhaps will not stand there to be stressed, but only if we were more careful we would understand that certain things are not so well hatchets, despite the absence of negative reactions “visible”. The elegance it takes all precautions to make us better in the eyes of others.

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