Alienware Area-51, crazy design and incredible features for the PC gamer definitive

Alienware unveiled a PC case with a rather strange, but what’s inside is even more dramatic: get Alienware Area-51.

Close your eyes and imagine the case of a PC. Here, I’ll bet you’ve thought about the classic metal caisson tower, maybe colored, which has now become an object semi-forgotten in our homes. It is a rational design if you need to insert bulky components in a protective shell – but Alienware has different ideas.

TechForget trinkets from casual gamer such as laptops or old houses, Alienware Area-51 does not look like a normal PC, but after all it is not. It is a PC gamer, and this means that in his case must compress “worse,” powerful components, cooling systems. And a good dose of spaciousness. I would say that they have succeeded, because this super PC seems really out of the famous secret base in the desert.

Area-51 is drawn with six sides, with a shape more or less triangular. As with the “bin” Mac Pro, this form (which defines Alienware “Triad”) has some handy features, such as to remove the machine from the walls, tables, and flat surfaces that may impede ventilation.

Consider now: an Intel Haswell-E of the latest generation with up to eight cores, memory DDR4 RAM and enough slots for graphics cards THREE full length, double wide … It will really need to be ventilated. The cooling system is air and is not particularly exotic, except for the shape which maximizes the benefits.

Alienware offers the opportunity to get up to a 4K game graphics, although at the moment there are no – that I know of – the 4K display fast enough to keep up with a gamer (although all IFA 2014 it will reach a particular model like this LG). We say that the Area-51 is ready for the next generation, and although there are no precise details on its price, I think the secret budget of the CIA is required to buy one. We should be able to see firsthand going at IFA in Berlin, hopefully with a demonstration of 4K gaming (we’re all curious, right?).

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