Archon, the magic ingredient that allows you to run Android applications on Windows, Mac and Linux

A few days ago Google announced a prominent feature for Chrome OS: the ability to run Android applications through the call for Chrome App Runtime (ARC). Not all applications work, but was very interesting for users of the operating system and Chrome Chromebooks Boxes option.

AppsNow that option has been extended by the work of a developer with the alias ” Vladikoff “which has not only achieved that now any Android application to work on Chrome OS, but also do so in other platforms such as Windows, OS X and Linux thanks a runtime which he has called Archon.

The trick lies in the aforementioned ARC, developed through Native Client, the project Google Chrome that allows native code to run securely inside the browser. Although ARC was distributed as an extension for Chrome OS, Native Client extensions are characterized by cross-valid on all platforms.

Vladikoff has developed a customized version of ARC which as we mentioned called Archon, which can be loaded by dragging that file in Chrome. From there it will be possible to run Android apps on any platform that makes use of Chrome 37 and above. The only problem is that ARC does not support traditional packet Android (APK famous), and before you have to convert to Chrome extensions, which also resolved Vladikoff tool ChromeOS-apk.

The result is the ability to run multiple applications on Android Chrome on Windows, OS X or Linux, and although preliminary evidence is clear that the stability of these tools is still much improved. Execution of such applications is very fast-for what they say who have tested the system, much more than Bluestacks- offers, but the lack of Google Support Services makes many applications such as Twitter- not work.

It seems that these problems are also being treated, and may in the short term we see an official launch of Google in this section. And with that, of course, more than 1,300 million applications will be available not only in our Android smartphone or tablet, but also on your PC or laptop.

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