Diablo, why your children are also hooked to looteo

The best time when palpating the ebb and flow of fashion is the school. The top, pogs, Pokemon, Counter Strike, Diablo 2 … The last that was no more than the rest, but it was special to reconnecting games and books after years of enmity. Llegabas class and knocked books, stained Tipex this small book case and where were drawing maps and marcabas your last position booty with his statistics.

Between classes you approachable to compare: “Look at my armor Leviathan” “has anybody gone Act 2” “because I’ve already killed Baal” kids stuff? And an egg. Fever looteo of Diablo 2 did not understand age or gender was a virus that was concentrated to attack your productivity to destroy it, a disease thought eradicated and now, once again and with a vengeance, becomes converted into a pandemic.

GamesTo understand their behavior and try to eradicate it have to do like in the movies, finding patient zero and start working from there. I have been since last Friday analyzing its evolution from a few days ago and now only gets to rest my mind breaking open barrels and chests from the pillow. I doubt that much stamina, so I leave here I learned that the next interested in the phenomenon does not have to dream of a barbarian in search of better loot the rest of his days.

The Birth of the Devil

We scanned every damn corner of the stage looking for a nicer and better statistics armor.

The year was 1996 and the Californian study (did dudabais? Born there all good) Blizzard Entertainment already had a more than enviable portfolio. How Silicon & Synapse parous The Lost Vikings, and now with its final name had touched almost all platforms of the market while reaping the most successful hand Warcraft: Orcs & Humans, probably the most profitable idea of gaming history.

Knights and wizards were all the rage, so before regaining the famous Viking or leap into space with StarCraft, Blizzard’s management team had a keen eye to acquire independent study Condor nine months before his game came to market.

Condor Office changed while passing to become Blizzard North and that happy union fraught with zeros born what is now known as Diablo, a mix of action, RPG and espadazos inviting us to travel to hell to see each other with their love and sir. As a holiday in Marina d’Or beach but.

The game was inspired by Dungeons & Dragons, but especially focused on reviving the spirit of Telengard. Our goal was not just to get from point A to point B, save the world and mourn with the credits, its chief exponent was inviting us to survive in a completely hostile environment while we scanned every damn corner of the stage looking for a nice armor and better statistics.

In a second round encontrases objects or enemies that you only had imagined in my dreams did experience something very replayable, with a huge life not only by the terrible idea of “now I’ll try the sorcerer,” but so supposed Walking back to their cells by repeating missions. Something like the second coming of Christ for completes.

Legend has it that someone did not have enough with that, so Sierra On-Line launched a Hellfire expansion with the caption, which included three new classes (two under the spell of modifying game files from the user) and new features Blizzard North hug for the sequel.

Just take a walk on the shy list of items of Diablo Evolution page, designed to gather as much information as possible about the game and its expansion, to see to what heights that disease could get the loot.

Diablo 2, the pretty girl from hell

Four years after all this summer of millions of players changed the hot sun in the heat of Hell, the player transferred by heat could lead to release of the CRT monitor and the computer’s fans mode Boeing 747 ready for takeoff.

Diablo 2 was here to stay, giving a good account of the potential for the future of Battle.net and Blizzard ruining brown with five classes that lose excessive sack of hours of our lives. To speak of his success could talk about cooperation, cows or teleportation magic, but quite frankly the summary actually focuses on more loot, angry mothers and broken families.

Those who beat their addiction when offices and schools opened their doors to find a new archenemy. Shouting “no eggs” hundreds of crazy thought we had our statistics of courage, skill and patience on the clouds to address the highest difficulty of the game.

There you only friend was the ability to connect to the internet to pick someone your belongings once dead, otherwise might never recover because there was no resurrection to save her, not if you played from Lourdes. My memory of that time is a hair from his forehead busted and fear of my neighbors believe a psychopath perpetrated by violent screams. But of course, more and better loot, how to resist that.

We thought our statistics have courage, skill and patience to face the clouds higher game difficulty.

Diablo 2 achieved great success with audiences and critics, becoming the favorite of the series for most followers title and winning several awards for best game of the year as Blizzard grappled with depression should lead to convert one of their games in the fastest title had reached one million copies sold. What better way to celebrate than with an expansion to shut añadiese history and two new classes.

The return of the prodigal son

Three years of development of this sequel to nothing compared to the eleven years it took to make the third installment. With the nerves to the skin by the gaming community after the announcement of Diablo 3 in 2008 and some other delay in mid-2012 the game hit the shelves and returned to beat the record of his predecessor, becoming the best-selling PC game in the shortest time, 3.5 million copies in its first 24 hours and reaching 12 million by year’s end.

More classes, destructible environments, the ability to spank you with other players and, above all, finding loot business turned into the hand of a auction house. Not to be especially clever to remember all previously reported and realize that this would become an enviable dance money for any small savings bank. Of course they were born hundreds of users focused on exploiting the idea.

Invested all my gold in the morning and bid again at night when it was earned inventory items, collecting gold and money from gold sales and reinvested in new bids.

The story was repeated with a new expansion, Reaper of Souls, and an edition of consoles now among us, applauded by critics for its control and inclusion of additives and, luckily this time, without the ability to devour memory cards such as if there were no tomorrow.

He has not done anything wrong there either, causing the duo Activision Blizzard applaud the results in its latest financial report by stating that sales on PS3 and Xbox 360 had exceeded 14 million units. Not bad for a game that was late and short sales now harvested in PS4.

Its tremendous success even became a problem, if it can be categorized as such for Blizzard itself, which saw titles with the rest of the time his new World of Warcraft bleeding losing users in the same way that when League of Legends honored his name became legend. A kind of death that brought success over the latter than the former.

Booty Seekers future

Talking about Diablo took advantage to mention the influence of Telengard, so it’s also fair to give him credit Blizzard game when influencing other great titles. The list is virtually endless and has large jewels recent years as Bastion, Torchlight or Sacred saga, but look a little further we can also attribute the success of its larger competition: League of Legends.

It is true that we are in different genres, nothing to see between the two, but the debates that populate the internet about the fight between the two loses all meaning to stop and look at the appearance and mechanical control of both. Actually it’s another story about the chicken or the egg (the egg was), but there is to be no scholar to conclude that the success of that particular picture of eSports owes a lot to Blizzard.

There is no greater mystery, the attack system and the combination of keyboard and mouse are the key to mastering LoL and similar titles, but Blizzard went slow to take advantage of the formula change that caused the Warcraft and Starcraft mods to give life to the MOBA genre Hand of DotA, Warcraft III map now generates millions of revenue Valve.

Now looteo to become strong enough and even a genre so much given to exploration of the environment such as infecting the FPS is over. Until a few days ago its greatest exponent in this area was Borderlands 2, a festival of crazy weapons now gives way to Destiny with a radical change in its approach.

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