I7-5960X overclocked Intel Core frequencies from reaching record with all eight cores active

A member of the German portal hwbot, passionate about electronics and computers, has managed to squeeze out record performance by an Intel Core i7-5960X, catching up with overclocking a higher frequency of 6GHz keeping all cores active.

Towards the end of the summer, Intel has introduced a series of new processors, including Intel Core i7-5960X models, Core and Core i7-5930K i7-5820K, members of the family Haswell-E of high-performance chips intended for use in server systems and workstations. Among these the most notable is certainly the Core i7-5960X, with eight physical cores and 20MB of L3 cache well, compared to six cores and 15MB L3 model closest to him.

TechThe aforementioned chip was able to get very good performance even in the most difficult tasks and is currently one of the most powerful and expensive in circulation. Although the tables of numerical data – as the clock frequency – no longer represent the best way to describe the power of the processors, equipped with various systems dedicated to efficiency and optimization, some users are happy to squeeze their processors get amazing figures.

In this case, the perpetrator of the test is a “overclocking” German known by the nickname Der8auer and, as published through the portal specialized and dedicated precisely overclocking Hwbot.org , the Core i7-5960X is able to achieve a frequency twice the default.

The test, as measured by CPU-Z, was carried out on a motherboard Gigabyte X99-SOC Force complete cooling system with liquid nitrogen (LN2). Bringing the voltage of the chip at 1.657V, not very high when compared to other test, Der8auer has succeeded in bringing the clock frequency of 6065MHz, while keeping active all eight cores and Hyper-Threading technologies.

This has resulted in some record performances with different applications of benchmarking: hwbot Prime was oncluso with 9698.75 points at 6065MHz, wPrime 1024M in 58,380 seconds to 6065MHz while Cinebench R15 has posted a score of 2342 points to 5875MHz.

The result is impressive and it is not the first: Recently Nick Shih, professional in the field, using a card Asrock X99 OC Formula, always cooled with liquid nitrogen, obtained at a frequency of 6594MHz with an over-voltage of 1.818V and turning off 7 cores .

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