QBracelet extend the life of your phone

The company Design Q has thought of something that concerns us all: that our smartphone battery runs out and let us have developed incommunicado- So QBracelet, bracelet design will make the life of our phone is more durable when so need.

GadgetThe battery life

Obviously the battery of virtually any smartphone is a problem because we use daily internet, various programs, applications, games and calls from our device and the battery runs out very quickly. Even though practically not touch it, it goes very quickly. Therefore there is great concern about this, since no one we like charging mobile once or several times each day.

Besides this, sure it happened to you that your smartphone battery is over at the worst time: a time of greatest need where you’ve been incommunicado for hours. There is a wide range of portable chargers with which to redeem this problem, and now comes another: QBracelet.

Discover QBracelet

QBracelet is a bracelet that is based on the design and not to think at all, which is a complement to our smartphone; and partly due to the success that you are having. Thus, depending on the thickness of your wrist and our sex, we can buy different versions of QBracelet. Its operation is simple: the bracelet itself is recharged in about an hour and a half and this will load to load, turn your smartphone in just over half an hour. As we see, which is useful if you usually have these battery issues with our mobile. It has not yet been released, you can book QBracelet for about $ 79.

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