Solar City will capitalize Tesla to better batteries to store solar energy

In terms of energy production, solar has a drawback: its production can not be continuous. There is the possibility of storing that energy, but the payoff is uncertain. The arrival of better batteries pave the way for a major business in that aspect.

TechSolar City, which has no place Elon Musk, has announced that in five years, with a range of up to 10, the company will install solar panels accompanied by a battery system to store energy produced by the plant.

And guess who will manufacture many of those batteries? Exactly, Elon Musk with his other project, Tesla. Their mega fabricate, besides producing a key, as Tesla himself said, the future popularization of electric car batteries also have space for solar installations destined element of many homes.

Musk also added that at that time the cost of solar energy should earn at natural gas, and therefore more efficient and cheap batteries is the key. And that is supposed to be their big factory specialist on paper.

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