Sony Walkman NWZ-A17 with MDR-1A

The Sony Walkman NWZ-A17 is a device for audiophiles expensive and very powerful, certainly full of storage space. But a select few are those who will buy.

We are now quite certain that the latest brand to still believe in MP3 players is Sony, which keeps alive, in fact, very much alive its legendary Walkman product line. All IFA 2014 was introduced the last member of this dynasty, the Sony Walkman NWZ-A17, and is the smallest ever produced as far as I can understand.

SonyThis compact portable media reader is certainly coupled to the headphones that have been revealed with him, the Sony MDR-1A, because they are able to provide an experience that the Japanese corporation called “Hi-res Audio”. The definition is supported by two devices is 192 kHz / 24 bit, even if files are needed little compressed, lossless, and therefore large. No problem, however, since the small Walkman is larger inside and out, like the TARDIS from Doctor Who. With a storage space of 64GB, maybe you could also be in place, but in reality you’re not even halfway: there are other 192GB of capacity available will NWZ-17 a nice microSD.

Clearly one of the supported formats are FLAC and ALAC, perfect for audiophiles who are fascinated by all these GB provided in a machine so compact, but the Walkman is also quite capable of reading the usual MP3, WMA and more. Then, once you arrive at the party will be sufficient to connect the Walkman to the speaker via Bluetooth or NFC, which unfortunately did not meet its potential.

Here we are facing the worst flaw of the new Walkman, i.e. its price, really deadly for a device like this. Of course, all the “normal” people who like music but it is not the focus button of their existence, they can settle for listening from your smartphone. Who needs high definition, may as well spend $ 299 for this super technological toy, and another $ 299 for the MDR-1A. Well, it could be that you already have your headphones super expensive high-definition, after all.

This Sony Walkman, in short, is a tool for a few enthusiasts, but certainly very charming.

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