The water is older than the Sun, a new study in Michigan

New studies at the University of Michigan takes the water of the earth is, in fact, older than the Sun

Surprising discovery at the University of Michigan, which certainly opens new avenues in the study on the existence of life in space: according to what is published in Science, in fact, it seems that most of the water in our oceans and the universe is older than the Sun. Yeah, you read that right: our star is the youngest of our water and not only; always in this study, in fact, states that the Sun is much younger than all the water in the solar system (we refer, therefore, also to comets, meteors, satellites, and so on). But let’s see the details.

ResearchUntil now it was known that the water of our solar system contains a given quantity of deuterium , which in essence is nothing more than a heavy isotope of hydrogen. The most popular theory he wanted the ice of the stars, rich in deuterium, it was split from the solar system early in his training and that he had then reassembled later in the form of heavy water: the theory, in short, says that it was the system sun to give life to the process that later led to the formation of water.

In Michingam, however, have found that, once split the interstellar ice, oxygen would have been trapped in molecules of carbon dioxide ice: on the basis of this discovery, it was easy to conclude that the solar system could not possibly produce water with deuterium. And is now serving the ‘hypothesis of Cleeves is a model that sees the ice spread through interstellar comets, planets and satellites; In other words, the water would remain unchanged and that we see today is nothing more than what was there before the formation of our Solar System.

This allows us to another consideration, very basic, but very important: if it is not the solar system to create the conditions for life, but these conditions were already in interstellar space, it means that in some part of ‘universe existed (or any) other conditions of this type and that life has already formed (or could occur).

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