Tradefair Mobile: How to Trade on the Go

The growth of the mobile tech world is throwing up a slew of new money-making opportunities and one of the latest to enter into cyberspace is online trading. Thanks to sites such as Tradefair, Smartphone users can now speculate on the currency exchange market and enhance your finances with the few swipes of your screen.


Tradefair is an axis of the much larger Betfair betting exchange, which is home to millions of sports bettors, casino gamers and poker players across the world.  From a base inside one of the world’s financial capitals, London, Tradefair has taken Betfair’s exchange experience and converted it into a comprehensive online trading platform where customers can speculate on CFDs, Forex and spread betting options. Beyond this, Tradefair offers a host of tips and tools to help aspiring traders achieve financial prosperity.

So, what features can you expect to find when you log into Tradefair via your mobile or tablet device?

Multiple Platforms: As you’d expect from a well-funded organization, Tradefair’s mobile platform is available on a range of devices. Of course, iOS and Android users are catered for with mobile and tablet portals; however, an interesting third option is available in the form of Kindle Fire compatibility. This option isn’t widely available across the industry and one that certainly adds to the appeal of

Practice account: This account gives users a virtual bankroll and full access to the live FX market. Without any money on the line beginners can hone their skills before migrating to a real account.

Webinars: Whilst you’re using your practice account, you can take advantage of Tradefair’s exclusive webinars. Designed to cover all aspects of the financial world, from introductory lessons to daily updates, these video tutorials are a great way for you to grasp the basics and refine your investment strategy. 

Customizable Views: To ensure complete compatibility, Tradefair PRO has a wealth of personalization options which allow users to fit all the information they need onto one screen. Because financial markets are constantly changing and contain a ton of variables it can often be a challenge condensing this into a single platform. Fortunately, Tradefair’s mobile software is equipped to do this through a system that allows users to add or remove data that suits their needs.

Push Notifications: Being a mobile app, Tradefair has the ability to push messages and notifications through the users. This is fantastic for daily traders because it gives them up-to-the-minute insights into market changes. Knowing when a currency or commodity changes in value is critical as timing can often mean the difference between a profit and a loss. For this reason mobile alarms and notifications are essential in the online trading world and that’s something the developers at Tradefair have taken time to address.

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