Xiaomi presents its new Bluetooth gamepad for the first 300 buyers only 12 cents

New joystick for gaming by Xiaomi, with a little surprise for the first three hundred buyers

Now Xiaomi no longer needs any introduction: maybe a time you could indulge in the luxury of not knowing, but now, if you’re passionate about mobile technology, you should definitely update; it is, in fact, a Chinese company which, like Meizu , and maybe more, is enjoying a great deal of success with its smartphone in China, of course, where even beat Samsung in sales.

GamingToday we are here to tell you about, however, is not the company’s success in the smartphone world, but a recent announcement that relates to the world of gaming and therefore ‘ll be very happy also to the readers of gamesblog : we speak, in fact, a new Bluetooth gamepad compatible with any type of platform, namely the personal computer to the mobile operating systems like Android and iOS; is very similar to the Xbox 360 controller, but to imitate something already done – we do not want Xiaomi – is a typical characteristic of the Chinese.

The controller in question has the same button layout than Microsoft: dual analog stick, directional buttons, seven buttons on the front and four back, and full compatibility with any game, even for those who do not enjoy a perfect playability and then push the player to use all of the controller.

The surprise is not so much the hardware as in the corporate marketing: Xiaomi has announced that the first hundred buyers can purchase the joystick only twelve cents (one yuan); the other hand, a regular price, a figure that has not yet been announced, but we doubt that it will be very high, given the price generally charged by the company. As soon as we know more details, we will update you.

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