3D Printing of weapons Japan man sentenced to 2 years

The Court of the District of Yokohama, Japan, has sentenced a man to a prison term of two years for having produced two guns in the house running through three-dimensional printing, publishing, the process on the Internet.

With the development of technology, especially that available to most people, are born continuously solutions to improve the lives, simplify tasks and make more accessible to certain activities. Of course, on the other side of the scale, there are also new problems created by its technology.

GadgetOne of the best examples of this particular balance is the three-dimensional printing. With all the advances, such as those in the medical field or building, can not certainly miss the debates on the negatives. In addition to widespread concerns about the future impact of 3D printing industry, one of the most heated conflicts concerns the ability to create weapons.

The first gun was created using additive process Liberator. The gun came about after a troubled path, it works and it will not be the last.

A Japanese court, however, decided to act in a specific manner against a similar case. In particular, it is the Yokohama District Court which found a man guilty of the criminal act of building house with two guns 3D printer.

The twenty-eight Yoshimoto Imura, a former employee of the Shonan Institute of Technology, has used information available on the Internet to play two models of a firearm in perfect working order, then posting a video online in which illustrated the whole process.

The man was arrested in May and the verdict was issued in the past few hours: sentenced to a term of imprisonment of two years. Lawyers for man will obviously appeal but this is undoubtedly a rather explicit statement of the Japanese government about the discourse that engages the entire globe about this kind of problem.

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