5 Latest Smartphone Apps For Car

Gas Buddy

  • The app can run on both I-phone, android and Blackberry operating system.
  • When a driver runs out of gas, he can use this application to search for the nearest gas station.
  • The application also helps in listing the gas stations basing on their pricing and thus giving the driver a better choice of where to get cheap gas.
  • The application is in an easy to use format where it posts different grades and type of gas sold in the gas stations.

Smartphone Apps For Car

Repair pal

  • The application is available for both android and I-phones.
  • It can be used by new drivers who have visited a town for the first time, encountered a mechanical problem and they don’t know where to repair the vehicle.
  • The driver states the car type and the parts of the vehicle that needs to be purchased and he gets the fair market value of the product and locates the mechanic.
  • The application also shows the nearest tow truck service all for free.
  • The application has grown its nationwide charging network giving way to an increment of charging stations.

Plug Share

  • This is an application that is available for both I-phone and android smartphone
  • It helps electric car drivers to find the best charge station, whether the car has a plug-in hybrid or a full blown EV. This app shows the nearest charge station and even breaks them down by which ones are home, public, quick charge and in use.
  • One can also be able to filter the results further by adding or deleting free stations, Tesla superchargers and access-restricted chargers.


  • This is an app that can run in both android and I-phone.
  • This app helps you to locate where you parked your car regardless of the place you parked the car. This can be done by dropping a GPS pin where the car is parked. You can also take a photo and make notes including audio of where you left your car. This app can be able to also track how much time you have left by setting up the meter, thus alerting you when the time is about up.
  • When you also get out, you can be able to use the app to locate the nearest coffee house, gas station or even an ATM machine.
  • When you just want to get back to your cars location, there is a trail feature to help you find your way.

Augmented Driving

  • The app can be installed on both I-phone and android smartphones.
  • This app helps a driver to provide features such as lane departure warnings and predates front collision. Augmented driving also provides other features such as programmable speed warnings.
  • The app relies mostly on the data that comes from the camera, and the data is very accurate. The audible alarms can be noisy but you can disable them.
  • This application can be used in DSA driving test to help the new drivers on the road to drive safely on the roads without causing any accidents.

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