5 Ways to Boost Your Business Wi-Fi Signal

In this day and age, having a slow Wi-Fi connection can be a serious drag. Ten years ago, waiting a few more milliseconds for pages to load and images to appear was tolerable – mainly because the technology for faster internet speeds wasn’t available. These days, however, websites, videos and web content is created with the intention that it will be viewed with a fast internet connection. If your Wi-Fi signal strength is poor, pages will take too long to download, videos will be low quality, images won’t appear and your productivity level will suffer. Whether you are trying to get work done or connect with a partner using video chat, it can help to find a few ways to boost your connection. Here are five ways to boost your business Wi-Fi signal.

Boost Your Business Wi-Fi Signal

  1. Reposition your modem and router. If you are having trouble with your connection, it may be that your modem and router is too far away to communicate with devices. Moreover, if you are having an issue where one half of your office is receiving a strong signal, but the other half isn’t, you may want to centralize the access of the signal by repositioning the modem and router.
  2. Use an antenna alignment tool. If your office is in a location where your signal gets blocked by different environmental conditions, you may need to find a way to align the signal. Aligning the signal will greatly boost your connectivity and Wi-Fi speed. You can actually visit Sunsight Instruments to learn all about antenna alignment tools and how they can benefit your business.
  3. Remove obstacles from the room where the modem is housed. If the room where your modem is housed has a lot of obstacles, you may need to find another room to put the hardware in. When it comes down to it, thick walls, boxes and clutter can actually cause a signal to get trapped. This is exactly why you want to relocate your modem. Ideally, you want to find a room that is open and airy – someplace where the signal can expand. Ideally, you want to move the modem to a room that has thinner walls because thick, dense walls can be a major hindrance.
  4. Use a different channel to connect your Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi modems and routers run on a number of different channels – much like a television or radio station does. And like some radio stations are clearer than others, you want to find a channel on your Wi-Fi router that allows for the strongest signal. It may take a little trial and error to find the best signal, but when you find the perfect connection you will thank yourself for going through the trouble.
  5. Reset your modem and router. Another way to boost your Wi-Fi signal is to simply reset your modem and router. It could be that your modem and router hasn’t been turned off and refreshed in a long time. In fact, before you try any other method to boost your signal, you can try hitting the reset button. In the end, you may be able to save yourself a lot of trouble by taking this simple route.

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