Bill Gates promotes the development of a diagnostic machine of serious diseases

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is responsible for a new medical challenge -and are several that have been part of its program Grand Challenges in Global Health – that seek to provide a machine that diagnose various serious illnesses easily.

Gates believes that the device might not be so far reaching, and there are five teams of researchers working on resolving the problem. Gates said that “we know that it is technically possible to build a device of this type and there prepared partners to help us do that.”

TechIn an article on his official blog, Bill Gates spoke of a new device “to quickly diagnose AIDS, malaria and other diseases, to accept different samples such as blood, saliva or sputum, which is inexpensive, reliable, and operate in a clinic small size only count on a few hours of electricity a day.”

The challenge brings to mind the famous ‘tricorder’ series Star Trek science fiction, and indeed there for some time a contest sponsored by Qualcomm X Prize that aims to encourage researchers and scientists to offer this solution giving the winner with a prize of $ 10 million.

Of course there are many unknowns in the development of the product, such as its cost We’ll see if they can be manufactured so attainable, and whether this diagnosis will in these rural areas of developing countries for which this type of solution is designed.

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