Finisterre, radio with Bluetooth and USB port by Ted Baker Audio

Team Baker Audio has launched Finisterre, new radio with Bluetooth and USB port

It’s called Finisterre and is the new radio Ted Baker Audio, a company that already has been noted recently for having launched the earphones and Dover ‘Bluetooth speaker Fastnet. In this case, we are talking about a different product, but the industry, in other words, it is that.

GadgetThe radio in question is characterized by triple tuner: you can get, in fact, all the stations broadcasting in DAB, DAB + and FM; The first two – as the more informed will certainly – are the new technologies that enable a secure reception and continuous signal, making the unit immune to interference of various kinds, even under the worst reception; with DAB audio quality ditigale (128 kbit per second) was quite poor: problem solved with DAB +, which allows, among other things, also the compatibility with the analog devices, not before possible with the only DAB.

But back to the radio: the chassis is brushed aluminum with leather inserts, so it’s also quite nice to see, as far as the price – £ 200, and that is about 250 euro – not at all justify the purchase. Good also all the other features: Bluetooth, analog input 3.5 mm jack, headphone output, USB port (for which we do not find a way, if not the firmware updates) and Clock.

I would not recommend as a purchase, because, at least in our opinion, is too expensive and we invite you, if you are interested, waiting for the holiday season to see if the prices will be reduced.

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