Fitbit Charge is the new quantifier with heart rate monitor Fitbit

Fitbit had a small crisis Force model in the United States. Despite being a very complete model, the problems with the belt and its withdrawal did think that this company would launch a new model months later. It seems that it will be soon, or at least let him see the latest buzz.

GadgetAccording to Gizmodo, Fitbit present two new models quantifying bracelet. His name will remain Charge and design Fitbit Force. Yes, there is a simple facelift to avoid irritation to the nickel. Both come with a few interesting developments to remain a reference in the sector.

Heart rate monitor and the same design as Fitbit Force

On the one hand we have the features we already knew in Force: count steps, distance, height, display messages and caller’s name and we sleep monitor, silent alarm and water resistance. These functions now add a heart rate monitor that is in what have been called as Fitbit Charge HR.

A function that we saw in some advanced clocks and now reaches Fitbit bracelet. We may at any time motorization use MobileRun application to know how much exercise we’ve done what heart rate. As explained in the filtration recording pulses will be constant throughout the day.

So far the battery life is unknown and seems to touch us wait to get the data. While we were with the price: $ 185 Charge for normal and 220 for the model with heart rate monitor. Given that cost 130 Fitbit Force has grown considerably. Currently there are no release date though several sources suggest that there will be an announcement shortly.

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