Funniest clips caught by sports cameras

Thanks to cutting edge advancements in camera technology, sports enthusiasts are able to capture action-packed moments that would never before have been possible. While some clips take your breath away, others are nothing short of hilarious. From slips and trip to pranks and stunts, we’ve put together a collection of the funniest sports camera clips from across the internet. 

Valerie Taylor Befriends a Spotted Moray Eel

Some say funny, some say heartwarming. Whatever the opinion, this video of an Aussie diver befriending a Spotted Moray Eel is pretty special. While the eel is initially shy, Valerie eventually manages to coax it out of its cave and engage in some playful antics that are usually reserved for dogs and cats! Check it out here:  

Surfing’s Got This Little Guy’s Seal of Approval

It’s not every day that your surf session gets crashed by none other than a whiskered little guy looking for a free ride!  This surfer got the surprise of his life when a seal jumped on top of his long- board mid-surf session. And when the balancing act didn’t quite work out, the seal teaches the surfer a thing or two about how to catch a good wave! Watch the slippery fun here:

GoPro: Kama The Surfing Pig
Surfing seals are bizarre enough but surfing pigs? That’s a whole new level of strange! Kama the pig shot to global fame after GoPro released this official video of him catching waves on Hawaii’s Sandy Beach. Whether you want to teach your dog to surf or capture yourself hanging 10, the Toshiba Camileo X-Sports is the perfect water sports companion. Featuring robust waterproof casing, high definition recording and an easy to use remote control, you can capture all the action on HD video. The Toshiba WiFi Connect app makes uploading and editing amazingly easy, meaning you can share your funny footage with all your mates! Click on the link to check out Kama’s mad surf skills:

Funniest Skydiving Video Ever

We’ve all seen funny skydiving videos but this one is titled ‘Funniest Skydiving Video Ever’ for a reason! From the flappy facial expressions to the awkward post-free fall smiles, this girl’s experience will definitely make you laugh! Watch her skydive here: 

A Grizzly Ate My GoPro!!!

Verging on amazing, this video of a grizzly bear eating a sports camera has to be seen to be believed! As part of the BBC’s Great Bear Stakeout, Brad Josephs managed to capture this incredible footage of a curious family of bears that take quite an interest in his camera. Luckily, the device was drool proof, claw proof and teeth proof! Check out the link for fascinating insight into the inside of a grizzly bear’s mouth! :

Funny Dirtbike CRASH GoPro Helmet Cam POV

If you love to laugh at dirt bikers crash and then do it all over again in slow motion, you’ll definitely have a giggle at this GoPro video! Watching the flying limbs at 0:36 is particularly funny.  Catch all the action by clicking on this link:

Babies Are Awesome | baby swimming | cute babies | funny babies | babies compilation 2014

Ever wondered what baby’s look like underwater? This video from Rahul Pawar offers viewers hilarious insight into their happy little faces! Followed by some pretty amusing camcorder footage of little ones sledding, skateboarding, horse riding and more. Take a look here: 

The Funniest Bungee Jump Footage Ever

Bungee jumping is understandably scary,  however this poor guy looks downright terrified. The rolling eyes, the petrified expression… It’s almost too funny to watch! Click on the link if you’re keen for a guilty giggle: 

Kayakers Lose Control in Drainage Ditch

Canadians are famous for their adventurous spirit and love of the great outdoors. But this video from Marr and Sturges takes that stereotype to a whole new level. The pair are known for their crazy kayaking adventures and we’re pretty sure this video takes the cake. It’s funny, thrilling and downright epic. Catch all the sports cam action here:

Hit & Run Snowboard Crash – Funny as Hell – Contour HD Helmet Camera

Whoever said hit and runs were just for cars? This video proves that the term most definitely applies to snow sports! Luckily the two victims were in for a nice powdery fall… Watch the action unfold here:

If you want to capture funny moments like these, why not invest in your very own sports camcorder device?

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