Google wants to revolutionize the e-mail Inbox, a new inbox

Do you lose on the ocean of emails you get each day? Are you one of those who uses email to send reminders of pending things to do? In short, do you use email to organize your life and not just for sending digital messages to others? For all these users Inbox Google just announced a new optional input tray for Gmail.

GoogleJust this morning I talked bigtop and features that we mentioned there are in Inbox, but there’s more. Today, for example, there are three tabs that your emails are automatically classified. With Inbox reach the farthest that will be archiving your messages as they arrive. For example, your mail will detect if a message contains an invoice or receipt and get into the “Finance”.

Inbox is a new optional input tray for Gmail, more visual and intended for those who organize their lives with email

Since Google say Inbox suits you, learning from the post you’d see grouped to examine it’s own app in the future. The emails also show real-time information. For example, if you receive a shipment confirmation email messaging with a tracking number, Inbox will show the shipping status automatically. The same applies to other data, like the current flight status.

The most important information of each email looks straight from the preview it. For example, if you book a restaurant, it will automatically show you the phone, map, and contact number. What does a friend sends you a photo? It is precisely those images that appear in your inbox, so you can view them without having to read the entire message. This also happens with the mobile versions.

Suppose you get a lot of notifications from a social network and like to review them only once a week. You can make the emails go to the Inbox gathering and own just to show you the new mail message once every seven days. The idea, as you see, is to make a more efficient and secure email management much like the heavy users that, as in my case, use email as the organizer of our daily lives.

And reaches the expected task management with reminders

Inbox Elementarily With Inbox you can enter reminders and “slow them down” so that you appear again in your inbox later.

If, as we said before, you send emails constantly with reminders, Inbox own task management features, which come directly from a privileged position in your inbox. You can put them off for you reappear later or even program them to leave you with certain triggers (e.g. “Remember me when you get home X”). If you use Google Now, also integrate with reminders of this wizard.

These reminders will also come with a feature they call “Help” (Assists). Although have not given more details about its operation, it does have an example: “If you write a reminder to call the computer store, Inbox will provide the phone number and opening hours of the establishment.” In short, it is intelligent and dynamic reminders.

Optional by invitation

Inbox is a new optional tray and separate entrance from the traditional input tray. What does this mean? You can still use both and what you do in one of them (for example, read an email or archive) automatically affect the other. As for applications, is available for Android 4.1 or higher, iOS 7 or higher and Chrome Web version only. They promise to soon add support for tablets and other browsers.

Inbox is available for Android and iOS mobile and desktop, but the latter only with Chrome

Also, for now only be accessed by invitation, but since Google does not claim that this is a Beta version. To access you need someone who is already inside you invite or you can send an email to to include you on the waiting list. Want to know more? Engadget Well aware as soon we can test it and tell you our impressions.

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