How to Protect Your Mobile Phone From Theft or Loss

Did you know that every single minute, over a hundred cell phones are stolen? These alarming numbers paint a portrait of a strange economic picture. As phones become more expensive, they also become more desirable – mostly because not everyone can afford them. The more desirable they become, the more demand they develop and people start to get desperate. A stolen cell phone can bring in a lot of money and they are relatively easy to steal – people usually leave them open in their purse or back pocket. This is why you want to go the extra mile to protect your phone. Here is how to protect your mobile phone from theft or loss.

How to Protect Your Mobile Phone From Theft or Loss


First and foremost, you want to do a better job concealing your phone. If you have a habit of leaving your phone at the top of your purse – for everyone to see – you probably want to hide it better. The same goes if you leave your phone in your back pocket. This is especially the case in a crowded area, like a subway or concert. There have been too many people that leave their phone out in the open and wonder why it was eventually stolen.

Next, you want to make sure that you protect the shell of your phone. Why protect the shell of your phone – will it really matter if it gets lost or stolen? The answer is yes – it does matter – you want to protect the shell of your phone because if it gets stolen, there is a greater likelihood that it will come back in one piece. What happens when the thief is caught and throws the phone to get rid of the evidence? One of the best manufactures of smartphone cases is OtterBox – just search “OtterBox case iPhone 6” or “OtterBox case iPhone 5” and you will find a large selection of cases.

On top of protecting the shell of the phone, you also want to install various apps and change various settings to increase the likelihood of your phone being returned if it does get lost or stolen. For instance, you can download an app that lets people find your phone. Basically, the application utilizes GPS, so if a thief runs off, you can have a police officer catch the thief red handed. Millions of phones have been returned thanks to this app – and many thieves have learned their lesson. On top of downloading location-tracking software – you also want to download apps that make it more difficult to crack your phone. The last thing you want when a thief steals your phone is to have all your personal and private data breached.

In the end, thousands of phones get stolen every day – close to 3,000 a day. That’s a lot of phones. This is why you should get serious about protecting your phone and the data on it. You can do this by better concealing your phone, providing a case to protect the shell, and you want to download apps that make your phone more of a fortress. In the end, getting a phone stolen is a violating experience, so you want to do your best to prevent it from happening in the first place.

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