Imaginieer lets you design your e Imaginarium toy 3D prints for you

Promised Imaginarium toys that can be customized and you have your store up Imaginieer. In it, anyone can, via the web, designed his own toy and receive directly at home.

3D PrintingThe service, which is ready for use by the smallest of the house with its simple and intuitive interface lets now set three toys: a car, a bracelet and a pendant. In all cases we start from a base model and may be adding small modifications and choose colors and finishes.

When the child finishes to customize their toy, the 3D system created by Main sends the product to be printed in 3D and then sent to the customer’s home. The material used is PLA, which is biodegradable.

Toys may already customized from the web, but also in the Imaginarium stores from October 15th. Prices are these toys shall be EUR 25 for cars and 20 euros bracelet and pendant. In 2015, more product categories to be added customization.

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