Microsoft RichReview, In-Air Gestures and FlexSense new interactions with smartphone and tablet

Microsoft RichReview, In-Air Gestures and FlexSense: three new ways to interact with tablets and smartphones

As we all know, to get to present their technologies, a company like Microsoft should first experiment with not only the operation but also the perfect utility: a feature not useful not used and is therefore normal that it can be discarded during the work of the research centers, especially if someone is able to propose something better in the meantime. Today we’ll talk about just three modes of interaction with smartphones and tablets that Microsoft Research is experiencing.

MicrosoftThe technology RichReview

The first is the one you see above: In the video you can see that Microsoft is experimenting RichReview, new digital document annotation system that allows you to add notes in various ways (for example, gesture or stylus): interaction in the pure state, in short, perfect for the tablet (or rather, in this case for the Surface).

Technology In-Air Gestures

Very pretty, even In-Air Gestures, features that does not need much introduction: the name itself suggests, in fact, that thanks to the hand positions you can draw, play or otherwise interact with the smartphone and tablet; to allow all is the rear camera.

The technology FlexSense

We conclude with Microsoft FlexSense, and conclude in beauty: it is a transparent surface in which are integrated piezoelectric sensors able to detect any deformation; this deformation represents a real input and could be exploited, for example, for graphics programs.

Three new modes of interaction from Microsoft Research: we’ll see which of these will be implemented over the next smartphone and tablet. All three are very interesting, is not it?

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