Samsung closes partnership with Apple to be the next manufacturer A9 processors

We all know the relationship between Apple and Samsung, with fights, comparisons are pending in court cases, but not everything is competitive and there are other areas within Ssmsung, now president of Samsung’s semiconductor business has announced that it will be the responsible for manufacturing processors for the next Apple mobile devices.

TechStatements of Mr. Kim Ki-nam to media in Korea have left see that by 2015 sales of processors in the company will increase significantly due to the agreement that are close to companies like Qualcomm, AMD and of course Apple, who would manufacture A9 processor future.

Samsung returns to Apple devices

Recall that Apple and Samsung have a long history of collaboration, where Samsung has been responsible for the manufacturing of the chips included since the first iPhone, but due to legal problems have had to distance himself, leaving this important task to the rival company Samsung, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC), who were responsible for the A8 chips included in the new iPhone 6.

The A8 chip took by surprise TSMC as it did not have the capacity to meet demand requesting Apple, so they had to fall back again from Samsung, who have commissioned about 30% of the production of the A8, but yes under the 20-nanometer architecture employed by TSMC.

It is now expected that the future chip A9 Apple is manufactured 100% by Samsung, which will make use of the new architecture of 14 nanometer process that so far is only used by Samsung and that would totally abandon TSMC, who have 2015 confirmed that they will be working only 16 nanometers.

With this, Samsung’s exclusive would jump back into Apple products, since the technology of 14 nanometers better performance, yield and power consumption is obtained by optimizing better tasks and processes in a smaller size, thus offering beneficial for both companies.

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