Some tips to make you survive in Swing Copters

Anyone, who has played Swing Copters before, might know this well how complicated it is. This game is certainly a touch game that is capable of steering away the patience of the one playing it.There is a little guy wearing a propeller hat. You have to control him and make him pass through the obstacles that halt the success of the copter. Controlling the copter is not as easy as it seems. If you think you can make a high score, then just to let you know, you won’t be able to even score a 1. That’s how tough the gameplay is. Just when you think you can take a turn and pass through the obstacle, you will find the copter out of control.

Take a look at some of the tips that can let you clear the level and reach a score more than 1:

Search for the rhythm

If you wish to steer it through the gaps successfully, then you need a tapping rhythm my friend. It’s the first step. You need to create consistency between the taps just to make sure the copter does not smash into the invisible wall.

Look for the gaps

If you think you can make the copter pass through the gaps, then you are just fooling yourself. The gaps may seem to be big enough that you can pass, but actually they are not. You can pass through the girders if you stay calm and focus on the gaps available.

Don’t smash in

Swing Copters is no different than Flappy bird, in fact it is even harder. When you will see the copter smashing into the screen again and again, then you would wish to smash up your phone too. Swing Copters is quite infuriating so anyone would easily get annoyed.  But don’t end up smashing your phone because of the frustration.

Find your chance of steering through

You just get a single chance to steer between the girders and reach the gap. You should not expect to squeeze the copter through those shallow veers, which rarely happens. With evenly timed taps, you can make it through the girders. Your aim should be to go through the gaps and make your copter survive.

Look for cheats

If you want to secure a good score in the game, you can go for the cheats. These cheats can let you secure the score that you want. Believe it or not, it is not even easy to secure a 5. You will never be able to make it through the girders easily without cheats.

Playing Swing Copters is not going to be easy. Some say that after the developer released the first update, he decided to make the gameplay easy but for many it is still as annoying as it was before. If you have ever played flappy bird, you would be well aware of this.  So if you are the kind of person, who is impatient, then be prepared for some hell. You can play it here

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