The future of Mercedes truck promises to improve safety and driver work

Much remains to road transport can be replaced (and indeed with the online trade will be years still strong demand), but if the future is going the way you want to mark your Future Mercedes Truck 2025, are welcome. For the drivers themselves, but also the safety on the roads.

This truck prototype is still in testing phase, but Mercedes wants a reality within a decade. It will be a model that will include a large number of technologies, such as LEDs instead of traditional lights and cameras that will serve as mirrors. But its real appeal and what makes it most likely will be a self-loading truck.

TechThe monotony of the motorway, ideal for autonomous truck

The system being developed for Mercedes truck called Highway Pilot and its implementation will be mainly on highways. There, the monotony is an enemy when driving a person, who may end up bored and sidetracked, but it is the biggest asset for a vehicle to control the environment through sensors and camera, that is able to communicate with other vehicles.

In the vicinity of the highway, direction changes are smoother, less unexpected elements such as pedestrians, less continuous and more speed can be maintained without problems. It is also a good opportunity to reduce fuel consumption, something relevant for an international transport company, for example.

In this 2025 Future Truck drivers have everything to feel comfortable, including plenty of space and seating that can be moved as needed. The work of the person driving the truck is to guide you to a zone where autonomous driving can be activated safely reach.

When the navigation system detects a problem or that we are approaching an area that requires human attention, begins a sequence of visual and audible warnings that, if not addressed, will end with the activation of the braking system and automatic stop.

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