UFO five blunders: what were those flying objects?

Five cases of UFO revealed that, in reality, they are not UFO

They even discuss the statements of the CIA beginning of summer, when the agency on Twitter US intelligence confession that many of the alleged UFO spotted in the fifties were actually their stuff. Focus starts from this tweet to devote a special to unidentified flying objects and to remember some blunders that have marked the history of studies of Ufology.

UFOAll of these Ufo – Focus writes (p. 108, October 2014) – were the new spy planes – the U-2, in fact – that the American government was flying on the world in secret.

This does not mean – mind you – that the flying objects sighted were not subsequently UFO and that everything is attributable to the CIA planes:

The previous 10 months – are the words of the American physicist Bruce Maccabee, an expert in ufology, and are always reported by Focus (p. 110, October 2014) – totalizator the same number of cases collected in the next ten months. Moreover, at that time, the majority of reported cases have occurred at night, when the U-2 were not visible.

UFO, five cases revealed

Let’s start from this state of affairs – that is, the possibility that not everything that is flying UFO – five cases to see that Focus defines “revealed” and that concerning UFO flying objects believed initially but that in fact they were not at all:

  • July 1947, New Mexico. A study by the USAF in 1994 shows that the pieces of this crashed UFO were, in fact, the pieces of the balloons used in Project Mogul to monitor the atmosphere.
  • June 1976, Canary Islands. That sphere seen by the Spaniards was, in reality, a flash of light caused by a missile basilistico, Poseidon, launched from a submarine USA.
  • November 1979 Manises (Spain). A plane lands in emergency because the two red lights approaching: they were the flames of two towers of a refinery.
  • 1990 Petit Rechain (Belgium). A photographer takes a picture of a flying triangle with lights at the top and one in the center: it was believed to be true for a long time, but three years ago was the photographer to confess that he had built a model to be talked about.
  • 1991 Mexico. Ufo during the eclipse of the Sun? Absolutely not: it was Venus.

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