Android 5.0 (Lollipop), its new security features

“Lollipop, a sweet wrapper Kevlar”. Here’s how the Android team describes the new version of its operating system, the most important for security that Android has had to date, in addition to Material Design Interface update.

AndroidAndroid 5.0 (Lollipop) adds a lot of new security features to protect the data we have in our devices and therefore your privacy, the following being the next most important safety improvements:

Smart Lock

The most basic way to keep the data of our device insurance is to protect it using a screen lock, but many users do not pay any PIN, password or pattern to avoid wasting time to unlock it, so that anyone who catches your mobile will see your information.

For most people turn on the lock screen have improved Smart Lock, the new release system that allows intelligent screen allow us to add trusted devices like our Bluetooth watch, Bluetooth car system or NFC sticker, or just our our face so when paired with any of these devices or to recognize our face not prompt for password.

Default Encryption

In this new version of Android data encryption enabled by default come in the first time we turn a device for the first time or after a factory reset. Encryption takes place from the start, using a unique key that never leaves the device.

More SELinux

Finally, Android 5.0 from malicious applications have less opportunity space for an attack by the execution mode SELinux is forced for all applications on all devices, Android finally becoming a top choice for governments and enterprise customers who require strict safety standards, which now meets the new version of the operating system.

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