France and Britain together for a combat drone

In the Old Continent is trying to catch up with the US in terms of military technology.

The hope of the world is always that of peace, but unfortunately it takes to defend armies. Around the world, in fact, there are so many crazy people without protection systems could be easily slaves to their blackmail.

TechOne area where the military Europeans accuse material retardation towards who is best equipped is that of combat drones. To bridge the gap, Britain and France will work together to develop a UCAV (Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle), i.e. an aircraft war unmanned, remotely piloted.

The next-generation model will be the result of the joint efforts of Dassault Aviation (French aeronautics company to design and manufacture aircraft based in Paris) and BAE Systems (British company’s aerospace and defense company headquartered in Farnborough), who will put together the their skills to a new generation of military drones.

The timing of the development of the idea are not close, but the quality of the expected result is high. Yet the partnership has not caught on the work tables, but already there are understandings and expressions of interest. The delegates of the two countries signed with the companies involved contracts for feasibility studies on a system of aerial combat of the future (FCAS), which should lead in 2017 to a first formulation and a concept, a sort of demonstration model.

The goal of the agreement is to enable the development of a drone multirole, which aids in the monitoring and collection of tactical information, as well as incursions into hostile territory, without risking the lives of fighter pilots in conflict zones. At the time was allocated 250 million euro for the project, 50 of which came from state funds.

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