Google rents by NASA Moffett Airfield for the restoration and future projects

The space agency NASA and Google have recently concluded negotiations for the lease of the famous airfield Moffat by Planetary Ventures, a subsidiary of the company of Mountain View that will invest in infrastructure.

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration has recently announced through the official press release, that it has entered an interesting agreement with Google. The negotiation, lasting nearly a year, has led to the temporary transfer of the usufruct of the land of the Moffett Federal Airfield, the airfield located in Sunnyvale, California.

GoogleTo rent the facility will be the company Planetary Ventures, a limited liability company and a subsidiary of Google choice in February 2014 as the company’s preference for the use of Moffett Airfield.

The airfield is an iconic structure that over time has seen the performance of many operations both military and civilian hangar that houses some of the largest in the world. Currently the infrastructure is managed by Ames Research Center of NASA and already for some time is used for the passage of the private jets of the founders of Google.

The agreement for the lease of Moffet has an expected life of 60 years and Planetary Ventures is committed to invest a capital of 200 million dollars to improve the property. The interventions include:

  • Renewal of the historic Hangar One
  • Rehabilitation of Hangar Two and Tree
  • Operate the Moffett Federal Airfield for public and private use
  • Create an educational

The NASA statement about the decision is quite particular:

As NASA expands its presence in the space we are taking steps to reduce our footprint here on Earth. We want to invest taxpayers’ money in scientific discoveries, technological development and space exploration, not in the maintenance of infrastructure that we no longer need.

As usual, Google, in the guise of Planetary Ventures, has not given specific information about their intentions, but there is no doubt that will cover the technology.

After the renovation, the Hangar One will once again host the high-tech innovations and Planetary Ventures will begin to use the historical structure for research, development, assembly and testing in the fields of space exploration, aviation, robotics and other emerging technologies.

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