How to Create Electronic Music On Your Laptop

In the old days, you were forced to create music with real instruments and heavy duty recording equipment. The instruments were often expensive, bulky and out of reach for most people. The equipment was also expensive and complicated. If you wanted to make a demo, you were forced to visit a studio and pay thousands of dollars. These days, however, you can easily create a professional sounding demo on your own laptop. Plus, many of the tools and programs you need are free or incredibly affordable. Indeed, you can open your laptop right now and record a song. Here is how to create electronic music on your laptop.

Create Electronic Music

Your first step is to start downloading some software. Typically, you’ll need good recording and mixing software. If you have a Mac, the software usually comes with the computer. On top of that, you will also need some small turntables so that you can introduce samples to your electronic songs. If you can’t afford turntables – don’t worry – you can always pull mp3s and use those as samples. When you have all the software that you need, you want to start playing around and getting accustomed to all the functions.

It is important to get a better feel of all the functions, because it will give you a broader range of tools and you can often get more creative. When it comes down to it, you may spend a few solid months just messing around with different dials, sound effects and other features. Eventually, you will start to develop a sound. If you start remixing popular songs, you may find that you like a certain tuner or sound effect better. This is how you develop a style. Once you have your style down, and you are familiar with all the equipment, you can start adding beats.

When it comes down to it, you can either create the beats yourself – with a beat machine – or you can find beats online. There are a lot of producers of quality beats online, like Scottie Jax Beats. When it comes to electronic music, you will need beats if you want to make the music listenable or danceable. Without beats, your music will be dry and it won’t sound textured or layered. When you do play with beats, you may want to use headphones to test the bass. Knowing how low you can take the bass is incredibly important in the electronic dance music genre.

In the end, if you have always wanted to become the next big electronic music star, your instrument may be closer than you think. Indeed, your laptop can not only be used to make music – it can also be used to share and promote the music – on social media and various blogs. When it comes down to it, sharing your music is a good way to test the waters – to see if people like the music. With a little tweaking, you may soon be ready to send your music to concert promoters and producers.

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