NFC module implanted in the hand connectivity of the future!

A tech enthusiast and body modifications, Robert J Nelson, has decided to undergo a change rather particular, by implanting in his hand a small capsule containing an NFC module.

Robert Nelson is passionate about technology and changes in body and tattoos and decided to combine his two areas of interest by choosing to undergo an alteration rather curious.

TechAs he mentions some might consider his decision a bizarre move or even insane while others may see it as an interesting decision. There is no doubt, in fact, that the change in question falls easily within both categories. We talk, in this case, the insertion of a small chip with NFC module in the body of the subject.

Now the system at the base of NFC connectivity there is quite familiar even if its spread is not permeating consumer technology in a widespread manner. Near Field Communication is a technology for wireless connectivity, able to create a peer-to-peer network for short-range communication within 10 centimeters. The application to which it is addressed most of the attention of the media and producers is linked to the system of mobile payments with NFC smartphones but also has other capabilities.

Nelson has decided to establish a form in your hand, between your thumb and index finger, after a long search. The exploration of the brought in front of the product of a company called Dangerous Thing and the operation is found to be relatively simple and all things considered economic.

The object is a small capsule enclosed in a shell of glass sterile and bio-compatible approximately 2x12mm containing a chip 13.56MHz ISO14443A & NFC Type 2 NTAG216 RFID from the cost of 99 $. The system is made through a syringe pre-loaded with the capsule and could not be performed autonomously, was carried out by experts of bodily changes.

After little more than two weeks of healing, Nelson is now using its new system to automatically unlock your smartphone, Moto X of 2013 and plans to extend this use to other elements such as a garage, car or home.

Of course it is not advisable to undergo such an operation lightly because the amendment is semi-permanent: the possible applications are still not so many or so widespread as to make it a preferred solution to those that currently exist.

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