Sony opens a shop under water, and it is not a joke

It will be called Xperia Aquatech Store and will open December 3rd

In the face of marketing at Samsung, it seems that Sony has had an idea of those really nice and destined to be talked about: the company, in fact, open a submarine shop very soon, precisely December 3, just to remind everyone that its devices have always been resistant to water and dust, and we challenge anyone to say otherwise with a family Xperia Z3 really well made ​​from all points of view: there is nothing that fails to smartphone and tablet recently announced by the company.

GadgetOn blog we explained how one reads the IP rating and we also noted that the IP68 indicates that the device is resistant to dust and dives of over one meter in short, the most you can ask your phone or your tablet as long as you like take them with you even to the sea. Sony definitely not forget to advertise this feature in the new store.

The company will open the’ Xperia Aquatech Store in Dubai coast to a depth of 4 meters below sea level : you will not have to swim to get there, of course, but the whole structure will be waterproofed, most likely with the glass components that will allow you to admire the scenery. The opening? On 3 December, although at the time the company would not release further statements: we can not wait to learn more.

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