SpaceX: a swarm of microsatellites for internet everywhere

Several companies are working on projects that want to expand the use of the network, even in remote corners of the world.

SpaceX is working on a swarm of microsatellites to provide internet to the entire planet. The US company aims to ensure coverage of the globe, ensuring the service even to those who do not currently have access to the web. It is an ambitious project, which management wants to pursue with determination.

TechIf Google and Facebook have already presented their projects, focusing on different systems ( drones included), SpaceX does not bear comparison with the two giants in stars and stripes. The company of Elon Musk, who already has contracts with NASA for the delivery of goods to the international space station ISS, wants to create a system for the extensive coverage of the Earth.

At the moment the idea is embryonic, but despite being in the very early stages of development, it is easy to see the work in the formation of microsatellites, which will be responsible for translating the connection into something concrete. It seems that the project is taking shape with the collaboration of WorldVu Satellites.

Microsatellites in question should weigh only 93 kilograms, then half of those currently in orbit . The objective is to reduce the production cost of each unit below a million dollars, to hold the investment, however, intended to come closer to a billion dollars.

Musk wants to connect the whole world, with alternative projects Facebook and Google Project Loon. The service SpaceX aims to cover a widespread, with very low cost, making it even more democratic fruition network.

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