The airliner of the future could do without windows

The airlines of the future may be starting to consider a singular idea: that of a commercial aircraft without windows that just would make all or most of the fuselage were built with transparent materials.

A UK company has put on the table a unique design for those planes, in which the traditional fuselage would be replaced by such transparent panels which among other things would provide significant savings in weight, which in turn lead in lower CO2 emissions and lower fuel consumption.

TechOf course these improvements is added the spectacular cabin that would be for passengers who would have advances such as augmented reality to be told where to go by, or a complete entertainment system, and assistance in the plane can be combined with the transparent fuselage.

The company Centre for Process Innovation (CPI) spoke with several experts from the aviation industry, and they explained that they include among other things makes the fuselage windows need to be reinforced, but omit these windows and replace display wall panels would the aircraft was noticeably lighter. According to their data, a 1% reduction in weight makes saving fuel consumption is 0.75%.

These screens would be manufactured with flexible OLED display technology, and although it is unlikely that this idea gets applied -if who arrived up in 10 years, its leaders believe that the future of commercial aircraft could go there. The idea was already shuffling in companies like Airbus, which sees it as an option in designs for 2050-and have a patent for cabins without windows – while other firms like Paris Technicon Design also recently offered their vision of this concept with IXION reactor.

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